Help Viewer 1.1, Help Library Manager 1.0

“I just installed SP1 and still see Help Viewer 1.0, not 1.1. Which version do I have?”

Open Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features to verify your version of Help Viewer. After successfully installing Visual Studio 2010 SP1, you will see an entry that looks like this:


While it can be accessed directly from the Visual Studio Help | Manage Help Settings menu item, the Help Library Manager is really a component of the Help Viewer.  In SP1, Help Viewer 1.1 still ships Help Library Manager 1.0.  You will see this on the Help Library Manager dialog box:


This is expected behavior and does *not* indicate a problem with your upgrade.

Why did we do this? We decided not to modify Help Library Manager in Service Pack 1 so we could focus on the customer feedback on our local help experience. As a result, the Help Library Manager dialog still displays a Help Viewer 1.0 version.

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  1. Soronel Haetir
    Posted April 29, 2011 at 11:53 am | Permalink

    I am a completely blind user trying to get my head around the new help system. Is there a way to force topics to appear in alphabetical order in the TOC (For instance, when I open the Windows Development seciond the topics show up:
    Windows Driver Kit
    What’s new
    Administration and Management
    Getting Started
    Component Development
    Data Access
    Graphics and Multimedia
    Messaging and Collaboration
    System services
    Windows Environment

    Either alphabetized or some ranking based on what I view would be pretty good, but as it is it is very difficult to use (made more so by the fact that first letter navigation does not happen either).

    ?, Also, is there a way to move through the toc without updating the contents page, even with everything installed locally having the contents change as I go through the TOC slows things down a bunch (made even more so because as I mentioned first letter navigation doesn’t happen).

    Overall, so far I would say I am not impressed with the new help viewer, I hope you had a good reason for switching away from dexplore. One that is better than people needing jobs.

    • Jeff Braaten
      Posted May 24, 2011 at 7:58 pm | Permalink

      The Help Viewer honors the TOC order specified by content authors. You can see how this works in my recent blog post on content creation. There is currently no way to force the TOC to sort alphabetically. I will pass your request for first-letter navigation on to the engineering team for consideration in our next release.

      In the SP1 viewer, you can hold down the Shift key while you’re navigating the ToC and the current topic won’t reload. Press Enter when you get to the topic you want.

      Finally, thanks for sending me email on challenges you’re experiencing with keyboard navigation and missing content. It’s very helpful to receive specific and actionable feedback.

  2. Posted June 1, 2011 at 11:34 am | Permalink

    When, if ever, will the offline VS 2010 help system mirror the FULL Online MSDN Library, and be fully context sensative via F1? Until it is, VS 2010 is worthless.

  3. Posted July 20, 2011 at 3:18 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for the info, i really like Helpviewer

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