MSDN Library: Now with collapsible sections

Visitors to the MSDN Library (or the TechNet Lightweight Beta) may notice a small triangle to the left of the section headings within a topic.

XmlDocument Class

The triangular icon next to each heading indicates that the content in that section can be expanded or collapsed by the user.  For example, clicking once on the “Inheritance Hierarchy” heading causes the hierarchy information to disappear:


Clicking on it again restores the hierarchy information:


This feature can be helpful when reading extremely long topics.  It’s also good for certain types of topics, like FAQs which start out fully collapsed.  The initial expand/collapse state of a section is determined by the topic author and, in most cases, defaults to expanded (visible).

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when using this feature:

  • Expand/collapse states are not persisted so, if you leave a topic and return, your choices are not retained.
  • When printing a library topic, the entire topic is printed regardless of your individual expand/collapse choices.
  • Strings in collapsed sections will be hidden from find-on-page (Ctrl-F).
  • The expand/collapse capability is keyboard accessible.  Tab to the section heading and press the Enter key.
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