Quick Links on the MSDN Library home page

While most of the MSDN Library traffic comes in from search engines, about 220,000 pageviews/month enter from a direct link to the MSDN Library home page. In the recent past the home page has looked like this:


Traffic analysis showed that very few people were clicking on the links in this page. The page just didn’t have high value and seemed to be primarily used as a bookmark for performing an MSDN site search.

The team believed we could make this high-traffic page more valuable to users.  We wanted to make it easier for visitors to the Library home page to discover popular and important content. So, this month, we rolled out a Beta of a new Quick Links page:


Links are grouped by platform and enable discoverability of and easy-access to important technologies and overview topics. Let’s zoom in on the Desktop development section.


Note that there are three types of Quick Links:

  1. Platform hubs – Title links group the rest of the links by development platform.  Clicking on one will take you to its corresponding MSDN Hub page.
  2. Key technologies – Bolded links provide quick access to commonly-used platform technologies.
  3. Overview topics – These links take you to topics that help you start using a technology quickly: API Reference, Code Samples, How Tos and Walkthroughs.

Is this a better use of our Library Home Page? Provide feedback on the Quick Links Beta.

(Special thanks to J.D. Meier who helped us with our information architecture.)

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