Help Viewer 1.1, Help Library Manager 1.0

“I just installed SP1 and still see Help Viewer 1.0, not 1.1. Which version do I have?”

Open Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features to verify your version of Help Viewer. After successfully installing Visual Studio 2010 SP1, you will see an entry that looks like this:


While it can be accessed directly from the Visual Studio Help | Manage Help Settings menu item, the Help Library Manager is really a component of the Help Viewer.  In SP1, Help Viewer 1.1 still ships Help Library Manager 1.0.  You will see this on the Help Library Manager dialog box:


This is expected behavior and does *not* indicate a problem with your upgrade.

Why did we do this? We decided not to modify Help Library Manager in Service Pack 1 so we could focus on the customer feedback on our local help experience. As a result, the Help Library Manager dialog still displays a Help Viewer 1.0 version.

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