Guide to MSDN Library Icons

“What is the meaning of MSDN Library icons?”  When referencing the .NET Class Library in MSDN, you’ll see a variety of icons in the leftmost column of member lists.  What do these MSDN icons mean?

Icon Meaning
ic29808 Public Class
ic157541 Public Field
ic91302 Public Method
ic155188 Protected Method
ic6709 Private Method
ic74937 Public Property
ic100399 Protected Property
ic138214 Private Property
ic90369 Public Event
ic57792 Protected Event
ic53205 Public Operator
ic36774 Public Structure
ic141795 Public Interface
ic134134 Public Enumeration
ic11304 Public Delegate
ic79755 Public Extension Method
ic130242 Static Member
image Supported in .NET for Windows Store Apps
ic37116 Supported by the XNA Framework
ic483549 Supported by Portable Class Library
ic90381 Supported by .NET Compact Framework
ic394597 Silverlight for Windows Phone
ic432315 Supported by XBOX 360

These icons are related to the Babel Icons used by Visual Studio 2008 IntelliSense.

Drop me a line (with a page URL) if you find an MSDN icon not included in this list.

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