Help Viewer 1.1 Keyboard Shortcuts

These keyboard shortcuts work with the Microsoft Help Viewer 1.1 in Visual Studio 2010 SP1. (Note: Help preference must be set to “I want to use local help.”)

Accessibility Features of Local Help Viewer

Alt + Right Arrow  Display next topic in viewing history (in current topic tab)
Alt + Left Arrow Display previous topic in viewing history (in current topic tab)
Alt + C Move to the Contents pane
Alt + I Move to the Index pane
Alt + F Move to the Favorites/History pane
Alt + R Move to the search Results pane
Ctrl + E Move to search box
Ctrl + P Print current topic
Ctrl + F2 Print preview for current topic
Ctrl + F Search for string in current topic
Ctrl + T Sync current topic to Table of Contents

Accessibility Features of Help Library Manager

Alt + C Choose online or local help
Alt + U Check for updates online
Alt + O Install content from online
Alt + D Install content from disk
Alt + R Remove content
Alt + S View and edit application settings
Alt + F4 or Alt + X Exit the application

Learn more online about the Accessibility Features of Microsoft Help Viewer.

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